For Sale: 4 Angus Cross Bred Heifers

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Patrick Frank
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Pocahontas , IA 50574
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4 Angus/Hereford cross bred heifers due to calve February 4th - April 15th, 2019. Purchased as green-tagged calves at Dunlap Salebarn and developed over the past 11 months. A.I.ed on April 30th to Genex's EF Commando 1366. Hereford bull turned out as clean-up. Confirmed bred November 28th by veterinarian. Vaccinated with ViraShield 6 VL5 HB, Scour Bos 9, and de-wormed at preg-check time. Scour Bos 4 booster has been given as well as poured for lice. $1,800 per head. Call for serious inquiries.