For Sale: 4 Black Angus Open Heifers

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Gary Franklin
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Worley, ID 83876-7623
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I have 4 black angus heifers 17 months old all shots given , branded I work with all cattle at birth , so they are always tame, branded left rear hip ,I was to expand but I am 71 , so will be cutting back to 8 breeder and the bull soon, I have two that are 18 and calved this year, birth weight I have into my cattle for 20+ years at 60-75 lbs. so they last a long time , all my animals are nice and I don,t like white in my blacks at all , I also own red angus also. Price is $989.00 each or best offer , butt I need to sell some soon, these are nice heifers, call Gay at 208-667-9313 and I return all calls, thankyou. mother and father are here, I will be selling that bull in the spring as I am raising a new one right know 208-667-9313