For Sale: 4 Black Simmental, Red Angus Cross, SimAngus, Simmental Bulls

Listing #: 32141012
Dean Klahr
Phone Number: 
Holton, KS 66436
Number of Head: 

Black Simmental and Red SimAngus Bulls for sale. GE-EPD's. Ultrasounded. One-year breeding gauruntee. Priced to sell. (Disregard similar post, I listed wrong registration numbers). Call, text or email.

ASA (#3651519) Red SimAngus. Top 5% BW and Milk.Top10% CE
ASA (#3651507) Red SimAngus. Top 20% ADG. Top 25% Stayability and API
ASA (#3651506) Black Simmental. Top 5% Milk, MWW, Doc, Marb, API, and TI. Top 10% YW. Top 15% CE (pictured)
ASA (#3651504) Black Simmental. Top 5% CE, BW, CW, and TI. Top 10% MCE, Milk, Marb, and API. Top 15% YW and ADG.