For Sale: 4 Brahman Bulls

Listing #: 32133294
Wade Brown
Phone Number: 
(931) 273-9516
Pelham, TN 37366
Number of Head: 

I have three registered pure bred Brahman bulls for sale, as well as one unregistered pure bred Brahman bulls.

JH Magnum Diamond DOB: 7/16/15. ABBA NO. 940208. Price: $3750

JH Diamond Did It DOB: 5/30/16. ABBA NO. 951056. Price: $3500

Mr Tyler Bandit 71 DOB: 9/22/15. ABBA NO. 946508. Price: $3200

UNREGISTERED Baby Blue DOB: 6/22/16. Price: $2000

All are gentle. Can hand pet Magnum... super gentle. Easy dispositions. Make great herd bulls!