For Sale: 4 Gelbvieh Open Heifers

Listing #: 32143583
Hobbs Gelbvieh Farms Genetics Dave Hobbs
Phone Number: 
515 669-6145
Lucas, IA 50049
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Excellent quality PB Gelbvieh 4 open Fall born heifers and several younger PB Gelbvieh Bulls. Excellent EPDs and low BW and very good growth and maternal with good disposition. Rarer AI older German Gelbvieh AI bloodlines and Black and Polled. Raising PB Gelbvieh Genetics and have had past Champs and Res Champions at IA Beef Expo and IA State Fair and American Royal and some of the past higher gaining bulls at Iowa Cattlemens Bull Test. Pictures are of one of the PB AI Hochrein Herdsires we use. May have some older cows in late summer or fall. Thanks and blessings and always willing to work with folks. Hobbs Gelbvieh Family Farms genetics of Lucas Iowa.