For Sale: 40 Angus, Angus Cross, Brangus Cross, Charolais Cross, Crossbred, Red Angus Cross Bulls

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Cindy Meagher
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Citra, FL 32113
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40 Head of Angus, brangus cross, and cross bred cows. Some are bred, exposed and breeding age heifers. All have been dewormed, and ear tagged. The bred and exposed cows will average 1000 lbs, and the heifers average 850 lbs. Bred cows are 4 to 8 months bred, the exposed are 30-45 day angus bull exposed. Bull is also for sale and semen checked. Heifers are also out with angus bull. Cattle are from 16 months old to 6 yrs with a couple a little older. Most will be 3-5 yrs on the grown cows. Located in Central Flordia. Can arrange hauling if needed. Buy the semi load for an $875 a head average. Call or text for more info and pics.