For Sale: 40 Angus, Black Angus, Black Hereford, Black Simmental, Hereford Cross, SimAngus Bred Heifers

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Garrett Hill
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Royston , GA 30662
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I got 20 nice angus bred cows bred 5-9 months to lbw angus bull. 3-6 years old solid mouthed and have been in Eletric fence. Cattle is easy going easy keepers will come running for sweet feed gentle as can be. They were vet Checked bred and mouthed gaurnateed preg and sound! All uniformed to match. 1100-1300lbs moderate flesh. Call or text
* we keep bred cattle year round. We rotate cattle every month, cattle that doesn’t fit our calving program we sale. So we tend to keep some around most of all times so check in with us at all times we should have soem to fit your program. Thank you!