For Sale: 40 Angus Bulls

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Justin Brown
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Center, ND 58530
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Yearling and 2 yr old Angus bulls sired by breed leading AI sires with proven traits for calving ease, growth, and high maternal genetics. Bulls are fed a high roughage ration to ensure soundness and longevity. They have excellent feet and good dispositions. We have an extensive Embryo transfer and AI program. Many of these are from AI sired or even proven donors.

Sires include:

SAV Renown 3439, SAV Angus Valley 1867, BJ's Tiger 101, BJ's Bearcat 314, SSAF 8180 Traveler 415, BAR Tuffy Tiger 401, BAR Chinook Wind 403, Jindra 3rd Dimension, Jindra Megahit, KF Bando 11, HF Tiger 5T, BAR Firebrick 286.

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