For Sale: 40 Angus Cross, Angus Plus, Brahman Cross, Brangus, Brangus Cross, Hereford Cross Cows

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Rhandi O'Neal
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Klondike, TX 75548
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I can’t say enough about this herd of Brangus cows! They are big and stout! We sorted off any that were not absolutely perfect (confirmation and temperament)! What you have left is a herd of young cows that are deep bodied and have a lot of bone and are gentle! They will weigh 1250 – 1500 pounds and have a good clean udder and are in excellent condition! Don’t miss out on these cattle they are as good as they get!! They’ve been aged and palpated and are 3-5 years old and are guaranteed bred! There are a few motley face and Brangus baldy cows. You can buy any amount!

$1575 each for the bred cows

$1750 for the pairs!

If you take all 40 I'll include the pairs at the same price!

Delivery available please call (903)453-7466
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