For Sale: 45 Angus, Angus Plus Bulls

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Jason Enneberg
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Kevin, MT 59454
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Growthy, correct made yearling angus bulls for sale. We retain only the very top of our calf crop as bulls. We have developed a breeding program that focuses on maternal excellence, fleshing ability, beautiful udders, correct structure, and explosive early growth, all in a truly moderate feed efficient animal. These bulls are sired by BC Emblazon 854E 8023, EAR Fintry 11226, OCC Paxton 730P, OCC Unmistakable 946U, Duff Hobart 8302, EAR 8023 100801, Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V, and EAR Paxton 130817, and EAR 100801 131125. We have numerous bulls available that would be suitable for heifer matings. We have blended N Bar, Ohlde, Graham, Shoshone, and Cole Creek genetics to develop a herd of moderate females that are very fertile and productive. Our cattle run in very short grass country in northern Montana and receive no preferential treatment. The cows get some hay during the winter and nothing more. No grain for the cows and absolutely no creep feed for the calves. These bulls will sire thick made calves that really grow and leave you a tremendous set of females. $2750-$3750