For Sale: 450 Hereford, Hereford Cross, Simmental Cross Bulls

Listing #: 32132590
Tim Bernt
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Leeton, MO 64761
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We are a family operation that has been in the Horned Hereford business since 1910. Raising registered Horned Hereford’s as well as our own commercial herd. Our operation is located in West Central Missouri. (Leeton, MO)

We carefully choose cattle that exhibit growth, frame and mass. Our breeding emphasizes Canadian based genetics along with old-line Mark Donald bloodlines. We currently have bulls from Canada, Washington and Texas breeding cows, as well as semen in the tanks from decades ago. Breeding the kind of cattle it takes to create the growth, frame and mass we desire on Missouri’s fescue is a challenge. The bulls and semen we have on hand allows us to create a well-performing bull that any buyer can be proud of.

Feel free to contact us for any questions. We look forward to meet ya’ll!
Tim Bernt (DVM) 816-517-4102
David Bernt 660-238-2397