BC1109C-46 Bred Cows

Newcastle, WY


  • TitleBC1109C-46 Bred Cows
  • Listing #32147323
  • Class / CategoryCows
  • LocationNewcastle, WY 82701
  • BreedRed Angus
  • Rancher’s NameWilliamson Land and Cattle .
  • Phone 307-680-4595
  • Number of Heads46
  • Price$2,975


Lot BC1109C 3 yr olds-Ai’d to Hoffman Thedford-Cleaned up with Hereford or Black- Calve April 20th for 45 days! Super little set of coming 3 yr olds that weaned babies. 23 hd are Ai’d to Hoffman Thedford to calve April 20th, 18 are bull bred to Hoffman Hereford or Black Angus to calve May 5th for 1 cycle and 5 will calve the 2nd cycle. These girls originated out of Nebraska as calves and carry just 1 brand from original owner. They have had the Vista 5 VL5 SQ, Scourguard 4 KC, Multimin and poured with Dectomax along with a full mineral program. Total Hd: 46 Cattle Breed: Red Angus/Red Baldy Cattle Age: 3 Calving Date: 4/20/24-6/9/24 Bull Info: Ai’d- Hoffman Thedford Bull bred- Hoffman Hereford or Black Angus Cow Weight: 1100 Home Raised: Bought Disposition: Gentle Located near Newcastle, WY Buy Now For $2975/hd Don’t need the whole group? Call us about buying load lots!

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