For Sale: 5 Angus, Angus Cross, Dexter, Lowline Cow/Calf Pairs

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Kathy Andrews
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Hastings , MN 55033
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Lowline Black Angus Bull ($2,200)for sale with two cow/calf pairs. My bull is 6 years old and has given us 9 very healthy calves that average 40 lbs. All births were unassisted easy births. His breeding has been successful with both cows each year. He is a gentle friendly bull that loves attention, treats and his back scratched.
One of the cows is a Dexter/Zebu mix with her one month old Lowline Angus/Dexter heifer ($1,200). She has given us 5 healthy calves and is an excellent attentive mother that is friendly and very approachable. She has allowed us to watch the births of her calves without a problem.
The second cow is a Lowline Angus/Dexter with her Lowline Angus/Dexter one month old bull calf ($1,200). She has given us 4 very healthy calves. She is also a very good mother that is friendly and loves attention. She also allows us to be with her when her calves are born. She has also allowed us to milk her a few times.
Both of the cows are 37 inches high. They are not full size cows and cannot be bred with a full size bull. The calves would be too big for them. My bull is 48”