For Sale: 5 Angus Cow/Calf Pairs

Listing #: 32135962
Britt Ross
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Rotse City, TX 75189
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Cows AI’ed to GAR Inertia Due Sept/Oct 2019
PE to GAR Absolute D5388
If you like OCC Cows with OCC Dixie Of Erica, OCC Emblazon 854E, DHD Traveler 6807 & N Bar Emulation EXT then this group of Girls is for you!
INERTIA offers one of the most imposing data and phenotype combinations to ever come out of the illustrious Gardiner Angus program
Ranks in the top 5% of the population for 11 traits and indexes including the top 1%Marb, $W and $Beef
Lesikar Annie B434 AAA 18110701 – With 6 Angus Pathfinders in her 3 generation pedigree
Lesikar Barbara B536 AAA 17820891 – “Anchor Girl” everyone loves a female out of OCC Anchor
Lesikar Barbara X737 AAA 16871786 – How often do you get a chance to own a Daughter of SAV 8180 Traveler 004 Lesikar Queen Idelette Z283 AAA 17169881 – 9 Angus Path Finders start this girl off, and she is a cow’s cow
Lesikar Barbara Z282 AAA 17169367 – This calf is going to be something else
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F.A.T. Cattle Pricing is Your Choice $5,500ea (Z282 $7,500) or take all 5 for $4950ea!
When they calve that is $2,475 each