For Sale: 5 Angus Cross Cow/Calf Pairs

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Gus Andrews
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Eudora, KS 66025
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Selling 5 pair of 1/2 blood Angus/Irish Black 1st calf heifers. 4 calves are 3/4 blood Irish Black. 1 calf is out of registered Angus bull.
Predictable traits of Irish Black cattle are high fertility (one bull per 50-70 cows), short gestation (277 days), fast maturity, excellent mothering and milk production, vigorous and lighter birth weight calves (60 to 85 lbs.), moderately framed cows and bulls, consistent calf conformation that brings bonuses for uniformity, extreme longevity of production, mild temperament, unmatched feed efficiency, high average daily gains (4 lbs./day achievable), ability to finish by 14 months of age, and most importantly great tasting tender beef with low back fat for better yields. Do your research here folks. This group has been raised in Kansas on Kansas grass. They have pushed through last year's drought and this year's winter. Good group right here. Call or text with questions. Also have registered Irish Black heifers for sale.