For Sale: 50 Beefmaster, Beefmaster Cross, Brangus Cross, Simbrah, Simmental Cross Bred Heifers

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Jurie & Marilise Norval
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Adelaide, EC 5760
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WINTERBERGER: made in Africa to Feed the World.

The Winterberger includes British beef as well as European dual purpose Bos Taurus and Sanga as well as Bos Indicus types. Therefore a combination of 4 types blending the best from Africa x Asia, Europe, UK and USA x Asia (Brahman x Angus x Simmentaler x Boran). What more can we say. This is an all-inclusive breed, not as exclusive as most other synthetic breeds which mainly consist of British breeds combined with either Sanga or Bos Indicus, therefore mainly 2 types.

Winterberger, like all other breeds, strive towards the stereotypical qualities such as:
fertility & libido & longevity
calving ease & mothering qualities & milk
frame & walking ability
hardiness & tick resistance & adaptability
growth & feed conversion & meat quality
temperament & virility
and other finer detail....

The Winterberger wants to maintain its own identity all the while striving towards the “perfect animal” - dark red, pigmented and polled features.