For Sale: 50 Jersey Bred Heifers

Listing #: 32133481
Steve Schotthofer
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Elkland, MO 65644
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Jersey Herd Dispersal: 7 - 3rd lactation cows, 21 Heifers exposed to start calving April 10th, 10 Yearling Heifers ready to breed, numerous calves from 6 months old to 1 week. Ceasing Commercial milk sales due to serious injury by Jersey bull in February. Fescue Tolerant --- well acclimated to SW Missouri heat --- Closed herd since 2015 -- Exceptionally quiet disposition -- Cows are Parlor trained (Herringbone) -- Presently MOSA certified Organic (expiring 4-1-2019) -- Pasture raised and grazed -- not confinement cattle. Already sold most of the cows -- lots of opportunity for start up or expansion operations. We feed a high rate of Vitamins A,D and E along with a custom mineral mix. No sale barn animals in this herd. Group pricing possible.