For Sale: 50 Simmental Bulls

Listing #: 32128048
Richard Schotts
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Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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To Whom It may Concern,
We are procurement agents for the Egyptian Military and government. We are currently looking for the following bulls; 1) Simmental bulls; 2) Angus bulls; 3) Brown bulls; 4) Braham brazil Bulls; 5) Braham Angus bulls. The Egyptian government will send the complete Vet teams to the USA to inoculate all bulls for the required export. They’re looking for bull from 220 KG up to 275 KG for shipment. Please advise accordingly. I thank you.

The funds used to pay for these bulls are from US Taxpayers and will come from the USA.

Any way that you are able to help would be most appreciated.