For Sale: 6 Angus, Charolais Cross, Maine-Anjou Cows

Listing #: 32122580
Chris McCormick
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Pleasantville, IA 50225
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We have 6 head of cows for sale.

Reg. Angus #17142217 cow born 2-25-11 Sire: SAV Iron Mountain - Dam: Lado of Peak DOT. Due to calve late May 2016
to an Angus bull. $2250.00

Reg. Angus reg. #17022543 cow born on 1-09-11 Sire: BC Raven - Dam RLM Dutchess 02. Due to calve in early May to Angus bull. Price $2000.00

Black 1/2 blood Simmental cow born on 3-1-12. Not registered.but could be if buyer pays reg. cost. Sire: Excalibur-Dam: Sim/Angus cross. Due to calve on 1-29-16 to Lautners 1/2 blood Sim. bull Stock Broker. Vet verifies A-I date but cannot quarantee it. Price $2000.00

Black 3/8 Maine cow born on 2-1-11 Reg. Maintainer #438116, polled. Sire: Dirty Harry- Dam: Charolais Angus cross. A-I bred to Monopoly 4 to calve on 3-18-16 Cleaned up with an Angus bull. Price $2000.00

Peach Colored 1/2 blood Charolais cow born 3-15-07. Sire: Red Angus bull - Dam Char cow. Reg # RF707003 Due to calve to Angus bull early May 2016 Price:$1500.00

Black cow est. age 8 years. Due late March to Angus bull. Price $1300.00

Call Chris McCormick 515-669-3427 Pleasantville, Ia