For Sale: 60 Angus, Brahman Stockers

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John Pitout
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Metter, GA 30439
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A healthy, quiet group of mixed-steers and heifers, predominantly angus and Brahman type. They've been weaned 60 days and maintained on oats haylage. Vaccinated for BVD and Clostridium, had compudose and a recent shot of LONGRANGE .
These are ideal cattle for a winter wheat grazing program in my mind. The Brahman F1's are showing fantastic growth ability,
( sadly Brahman is being so poorly marketed in the US.)
Weights range from 550-750 lbs, group average around 600lbs.
Price $800 each to take the lot or $900 each if you select 50 out of the 60..
Please contact me for further information or pictures.