For Sale: 7 Hereford, Polled Hereford Cow/Calf Pairs

Listing #: 32132328
Kevin Castelli
Phone Number: 
Powell, TX 75153
Number of Head: 

Northern Origin Registered Hereford 1st Calf 3 n 1s
-Pasture Mates from Birth.
-4 hd 1st Calf 3 n 1s w/ 2H 2B
-3 hd 1st Calf Pairs w/ 1H 2B
-1st Calves Avg. 500 + lbs.
-Sired by:
-Veterinarian Pregnancy Report
-Vaccination History from Birth on all.
-2nd Calves 3/10/19 for 60 Days
Sired by:
-43000470 LJS Mark Domino 0945
-Calving 3/10/19 for 60 Days
-Ear Tattooed
-Ear Tagged to Match
-Heres a Great Set of Genetics
-Outstanding Bulls have been used throughout
-Very Rare Opportunity
-28,500 Take All.
-Waxahachie, Texas