For Sale: 75 Angus, Angus Cross Stockers

Listing #: 32141559
Ethan Skinner
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Hay Springs, NE 69347
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75 head of really solid April born angus and angus cross calves all black hided. Bunk broke and ready to go. They are being fed to gain 1.25-1.5/day. They are weighing 625 as of December 15, 2020. Expecting them to weigh 650 on January 5, 2021. Asking $170/ cwt at 650 lbs. Need to be moved by January 10 or will be doing something different with them. Willing to negotiate call for more information.

Birth - Alpha 7
Branding - Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot
Preconditioning - Inforce 3 and Vision 7 Somnus w/ Spur
Weaning - Bovi-Shield Gold One Shot, Somubac, and Ivermectin Pour On
December 15th - Ivermectin Pour On