For Sale: 75 Charolais Cross, Hereford, Hereford Cross, Hereford F1 Cows

Listing #: 32122558
J.J. Vonholtum
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Luverne, MN 56156
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For Sale:
*50hd of 2nd,3rd, few 4th calve Hereford cows..Cows are bred to blk bulls.. Preg checked to calve Apr/May..Pour and wormed.. In excellent condition..Good young western orgin cows..
$2,250/hd, (10hd or more)

*7hd of young Hereford cows..Bred blk..Poured and wormed..Preged to calve in June..Excellent condition, western orgin..
$2,000/hd (All 7hd to go)

*6hd bred Hereford first calf hfs..Bred to lbw Hereford bulls..Preg checked to calve Mar 1, for 60 days...Good condition, western orgin..
$1,800/hd (All 6hd to go)

*3hd of 2nd/3rd calf BWF cows..Bred to blk bulls.. Preg checked to calve Apr/May...Poured and wormed..Western orgin..
$2,250/hd (All 3hd to go)

*4hd of CharX 2nd/3rd calf cows..2 yellows and 2 greys...Bred to blk bulls..Preg checked to calve Apr/May..Poured and wormed.. Good conditioned western orgin cows...
$2,150/hd (All 4hd to go)

All cows have been preg checked by vet and are ready to go..Good quality Hereford's that are getting harder to find.Cows are currently on TMR ration and carry good condition