For Sale: 75 Fleckvieh Cows

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Morgan Edward
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Los Angeles, CA 90017
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Fleckvieh cattle for sale

The Fullblood Simmental Fleckvieh Federation (FSFF) operates to develop & promote the Fullblood Simmental & Fullblood Fleckvieh breeds of cattle worldwide. To meet these objectives, the FSFF will initiate & participate in programs to educate beef producers of the important economic traits of Simmental & Fleckvieh cattle, will promote & encourage the use of Simmental & Fleckvieh beef cattle genetics, and will work to market the breeds worldwide to both purebred and commercial beef producers.

The FSFF is not a registry association but will cooperate with the American Simmental Association, the Canadian Simmental Association, and other similar registry associations for Simmental and Fleckvieh cattle breeds worldwide.

Product Type: Livestock

Style: Alive

Type: Cattle

Certification: ALL

Weight (kg): 720 – 805

Place of Origin: USA

Brand Name: Alive Cattle

Model Number: A3

Supply Ability: 100 Unit/Units per Day

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