British White and Blended Cow/Calf Pairs

Cow/Calf Pairs
Dalbo, MN


  • TitleBritish White and Blended Cow/Calf Pairs
  • Listing #32147086
  • Class / CategoryCow/Calf Pairs
  • LocationDalbo, MN 55017
  • BreedAngus Cross, Hereford Cross, Polled Hereford, British White
  • Rancher’s NameMargaret Edie
  • Phone 503-899-7257
  • Number of Heads8
  • Price$56,000


Lovely herd of Blended Beauties (8 cow/calf pairs). Currently exposed to Purebred British White Bull. We have registered Purebred British White Dams with Purebred British White Calves at their side (heifers will all be registered). We have Polled Hereford Dams with Registered Crossbred British White Heifer Calves and non-registered bull calves at their sides. These blended cattle handle the elements well. They are easy keepers, respectful of electric fencing, single strand or high tensile. All Dams are friendly, love horse cookies, allow you to work on calves without issue. They are family safe and well loved with many years of breeding left. We have worked hard to build and maintain a nice herd with great dispositions as well as stellar maternal traits. Our herd is free of genetic diseases. Genetic testing is completed through Resero Genomics out of Utah. Cows and Bulls are tested with full Comprehensive Panel which includes: parentage, meat traits and genetic disease panel. We have bred heifers, yearling heifers, and a nice selection of yearling bulls available as well. This is a great starter herd with good vaccination and calving history. They are grass/alfalfa fed with access to free-choice minerals and salts and fresh clean water. Available mid to late September. Non-refundable deposit required. Vet checks welcome at buyers expense. We will be sending genetic testing in on the calves and are planning on castrating the bull calves unless buyer wants them intact. Check out our Facebook @BlackMarketCattleCompanyLLC These are not cull cattle, they are healthy breeders. Spam, Harassment of any kind, Code requests will all be reported.

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