For Sale: 8 Belted Galloway Cow/Calf Pairs

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Isaiah Jones
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I have 4 pairs for sale. 12 yr old cow with calf (January). 2-4yr old cows with calves (April and May). 3 yr old cow with calf (March). 100% grassfed; no grain, antibiotics, vaccines, etc., just forage, salt, some kelp, and some clay. They are part of a herd that is managed holistically and rotational grazed (moved once a day). Trained to a single, electrified polywire. I have never had any of the cows miss calving when exposed to a bull. Currently a bull is in with the herd, so some of these may be pregnant. All of them have calved every year without any sort of assistance. They all have very calm dispositions and are in good health. Please call or text if you have any questions. Selling to decrease herd size. Price is 1700/pair or 6000 for the whole group.