For Sale: 8 Charolais Cross Bred Heifers

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RB Brown
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Hallettsville, TX 77964
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Charolais cross heifers from 14 to 20 months, weighing 800+ to over 1000 lbs. as well as two heavy weight Brangus heifers making a total of 8 head. All have been vaccinated regular and are cube broke. They have been exposed and bred by a Angus bull within the last 30 days.
I also have a 16 month nice Brahma bull for $1850. Full blood he is of the Hudgin's Brahma bloodline.
Located between Houston and San Antonio, TX. south of Schulenburg. 77964

Priced for a quick sale: 5/3/17
4 Charolais Brangus head $1375 each
2 Charolais Beefmaster big boned $1600 each
2 Brangus $1450 each