For Sale: 8 Corriente Cows

Listing #: 32133763
Janice W Price DVM
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Winters, TX 79567
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8 heavy-bred Corriente females. 1-8yo (red baldy), 1-6yo (red baldy), 1-5yo (red baldy), 1-5yo (brown/mule nose), 1-5yo (solid red), 1-4yo (brown/mule nose), 1-3yo (black), 1-2yo (brown baldy). OCV, all vax updated Fall 2018, will be palpated 4/21/19 but are visibly pregnant now. LongRange dewormer will be updated 4/21/19. Exposed to solid-color Corriente bulls 7/19/18 to 10/27/18. Calving to start 5/2/19. These females are gentle, easy to handle, respect fences, come when you rattle a sack or bucket. Priced $650 to $850, 10% discount when you buy 5+ at a time.