For Sale: 8 Dexter Open Heifers

Listing #: 32136065
Denise Klingenberg
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PARKS, AZ 86018
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We are breeders located up in Northern Arizona outside of Flagstaff and we have 2 wonderful heifers for sale. One is black, (Flicka)and not register-able (but purebred), her great-grandmother lost her tags in transportation from Oregon to CA. She is double polled, her calves will never have horns, she is A2/A2, and free from PHA and Chondro genes. Born 3-15-19. (6 mon and just weened) Her mamma and grandmother are both good milkers. The other one is red, (Rosey) Born 4-5-19, (5 months old and just weened). She is also double polled, A2/A2, and free from PHA and Chondro. This girl is gorgeous and so is her mom. We just got verification of both sire and dam and are sending off the registration papers for her. Both sire and dam have Texas bloodlines as both were purchased in Texas and brought back to AZ as calves. If you want a dual purpose cow with good milk and good beef or want to add new blood to your herd either one of these girls will make a good addition to your herd.
$800 for black heifer not registered & $2000 for the red heifer registered. Call us at 928-821-1421.