For Sale: 80 Black Angus Bred Heifers

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Duke O'Neal
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Klondike , TX 75448
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Angus heifers that are bred to LBW Angus bulls and Angus bred cows that are 3-5 years old. They are all very gentle and are in great condition! I have had them palpated and they are guaranteed bred! We went ahead and re-vaccinated and wormed them when we had them palpated. They have an ID eartag in their left ear and the month that they should calve is written on their right ear tag! They will follow a feed truck and are easy to handle!

Heifers that have been with a bull 30+ days (have not been palpated) $1225
25 Heifers 2-4 Months Confirmed Bred $1425
25 Heifers 5-8 Months Confirmed Bred $1525
30 Bred Cows (average approx. 1200 pounds) 5-8 Months Confirmed Bred $1575

Take all $1475 each take all (bred heifers and cows)!

Will sale in groups of 5 or more.

We have a Cattle Pot and a 43' Groundload if delivery is needed!
Please call (903)453-746six