For Sale: 80 Braunvieh, Braunvieh F1, Crossbred Bulls

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John Hall
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Hedley, TX 79237
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We have over 80 bulls for sale or lease from yearling to 3 years old. We have fullblood, purebred, beef builders, and homozygous black bulls in a price range for everyone to meet every need.
Come see how a Braunvieh bull can improve your herd. Braunvieh's can add hybrid vigor, they have high yield grades with marbling and tender beef, and are calm in nature. They also reach puberty early and have longevity with many cows still actively producing at 14 years of age. Many Braunvieh's are feed efficient, and here at J Bar we breed for this.
We have a lot of genomic data on all of our bulls.
We also have a lot of semen available.