For Sale: 82 Brangus Cross Open Heifers

Listing #: 32132015
Mark Chapman
Phone Number: 
Hico, TX 76457
Number of Head: 

Super Black Baldy Replacement Heifers
​Reserve Now. Available in January 2019
​Processed, straight and ready to turn out

This set of heifers have been used to train performance horses so they are extremely gentle calm and easy to handle. They are now ready to turn out to make a great set of cows. 1 brand.

Ship from: Marietta, OK
# for sale: 82 head
Breed: from Super Black Baldy mamas and Reg. Brangus bulls
Est. Weight: 700 lbs. in January
Frame: Large
Condition: Fleshy
Vaccinations: Bovisheild, Poly Bac B Somnus, Micoplasm, Blackleg
Wormed: Cydectin Pour-On
Horns: Polled
Bred to: Open
Pasture/Feed: grain, grass, hay and protein tubs

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