For Sale: 9 Angus Cross, Crossbred, Maine-Anjou, Red Angus Cross, Shorthorn Cross Cows

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Cole Perkins
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Llano, TX 78643
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We have multiple different cows that lost a calf for different reasons to round out 2020 for us (coyotes, breach birth, etc.). These were all some of our top females. We are looking to try and sell them so that they don't wind up in the packing plant. Ages range from 2-7yrs. Not all cows are pictured we have a few blacks, a few reds, a baldie, a grey and a spotted roan. If interested I can take more pictures. Again these are great females that have done well for us in the herd up until this rough year. All were vaccinated with Vira-Shield 6 plus VL5 HB somnus prior to breeding and during gestation, dewormed with Eprinex pour on and had a Calvary 9 shot as calves for the clostridials.

Asking $1000 a piece