For Sale: 9 Belted Galloway Cow/Calf Pairs

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Nine head for sale. All full-blooded Belted Galloway. All healthy and good producers. All from good lines of stock and I can provide further information regarding blood lines:

Two 7-year-old cows (one dunn and one black) both AI'd and confirmed with blood test. Both due spring 2021. Both great mamas and have always calved without assistance or problem.

One 2-year-old cow with first calf (steer--born December 2020). (Both black). She also has been a great mama so far and calved without assistance.

One 2-year-old heifer due to calve spring 2021 (black).

Two yearling steers, appx. 700 pounds (both back).

One yearling bull (dunn) ready to breed. From an exceptional blood line, purchased form B&J Cattle Co.

I can provide further detail and photo's. Prefer e-mail.