For Sale: 90 Salers Bred Heifers

Listing #: 32122705
Bruce Topham
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Sprague River, OR 97639
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For Sale: 90 head of Salers heifers bred to calving ease Salers bulls. These heifers are gentle and easy to handle. From our herd that has been closed since 1986. We have selected our cattle for calving ease, good disposition, maternal characteristics, performance traits, and longevity. Currently eating grass hay with a little alfalfa. Current on vaccinations: 8-Way, Virashied 6, and Valbazen dewormer. They are mostly polled and the remainder are dehorned. These heifers average 950 pounds. Approximately half are red and half are black. Willing to sell any or all. Contact us at (541)533-2416 for more information.