BC1103A-99 Bred Cows

Carlile, WY


  • TitleBC1103A-99 Bred Cows
  • Listing #32147313
  • Class / CategoryCows
  • LocationCarlile, WY 82721
  • BreedBlack Angus
  • Rancher’s NameWilliamson Land and Cattle .
  • Phone 307-680-4595
  • Number of Heads99
  • Price$2,150


Lot BC1103A Its a COMPLETE HERD DISPERSION! Folks I am not sure I have seen a gentler set of cows -ever! Halloween is over but what a treat we have here. This set of Black Angus cows is a complete dispersion of 3-10 yr old, with 32 hd being 6 and younger, half 3-4’s, half 5-6 yr olds and approx. 69 hd are 7-10’s. They are bred to Black Angus or Black/Red Balancer bulls to calve April 1st for 60 days. Most every cow is home raised, 1 iron with the exception of a few boughten over time as heifer calves. A super gentle, easy handling, moderate framed set of cows that have had the Cattlemaster Pyramid 5 w/presponse and poured with Ivermectin. Absolutely nothing “SPOOKY” about this entire deal. Total Hd: 99 Cattle Breed: Black Angus Cattle Age: 3yr old’s-Solids Calving Date: 4/1/2024-5/31/2024 Bull Info: Black Angus from Williams Angus and Black/Red Balancer from Spyglass Angus Cow Weight: 1100-1200 Home Raised: Yes Disposition: Very Gentle Program: Cattlemaster Pyramid 5 w/presponse, poured with Ivermectin Located near Carlile, WY. Buy Now For $2150/hd Don’t need the whole group? Call us about buying load lots!

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