Origin of Breed

In the late 1970’s, Daryl Wiggins invented the Brahmousin Breed by combining the best characteristics of the Brahman and Limousin on his ranch in Marble Falls, TX. Purebred Brahmousin are classified as three-eighths Brahman and five-eighths Limousin. This mix has proved to be the most widely accepted and most useful for the majority of the United States producers. The American Brahmousin Council offers a flexible program that allows animals that are not purebred to be recorded as long as they are at least one-quarter Limousin and one-quarter Brahman. In order to be recorded as a Brahmousin, the animal must be sired by a registered Limousin, Brahman or Brahmousin bull.

Physical Description

The Brahmousin is a large framed animal that generally ranges from golden red to tan in color. The legs, around the eyes, muzzle and underbelly are usually a lighter shade. It is a large breed with a strong frame and beefy conformation. Their skin is slightly loose resembling the Brahman. This breed takes qualities such as the heat tolerance, insect resistance and feed efficiency from the Brahman and the excellence in growth and muscling traits, carcass quality and conformation from the Limousin to create a very useful and powerful American breed.

Defining Characteristics

The breed is characterized by excellent carcass quality, feed efficiency, and foraging ability. From a feedlot and carcass standpoint, Brahmousin provide an excellent return relative to dressing percentage. They excel in muscling and growth traits, which makes it easy for them to finish with ease.

Brahmousin have excellent adaptability, reproductive efficiency, and mothering ability. Their fertility and excellent maternal qualities are ideal for calving high-quality offspring. Brahmousin bulls are rugged, thick, aggressive breeders; the females are broody, long lasting and fertile. The longevity of the Brahman combined with the carcass traits of the Limousin make Brahmousin an unbeatable breed for cattlemen. By varying the percentage of Limousin and Brahman blood, producers can select bulls and females with the appropriate amount of Brahman blood that provides them with the best fit for their environment and customer base. However, the purebred Brahmousin fits the best for most parts of the nation.

Development in America

Since the development of the Brahmousin in the late 1970’s, this breed has become increasingly popular in the U.S. for producers who desire reproductive efficiency and adaptability in environmental conditions. With growing membership, availability and selection of Brahmousin, the breed has never been better. Brahmousin's largest concentrations are in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Florida. However, the breed is found in many other parts of the United States. On an international scale, Brahmousin can also be found in Australia.

Registry and Improvement Programs

The American Brahmousin Council, Inc., (ABC) is the breed association for Brahmousin cattle in the U.S. ABC has grown in size and scope, since their establishment as a committee within the North American Limousin Foundation. Today, the ABC registers and transfers all registered Brahmousin cattle. They also provide resources and information to all members.

The American Brahmousin Council Inc. is headquartered in Whitesboro, TX.